Family Program

Our nationally award winning Mensa Family Program events are open to the public. This program is an outreach to support local gifted families. We meet a few times a year and enjoy enrichment activities designed specifically for gifted youth. We also provide support to parents by bringing in local professionals and impromptu parent support groups. Our program has served over 470 families in Central Indiana since we launched in 2008.

We have events such as Smart Science (our largest event that has had nearly 200 in attendance), Painting with Sound (formerly Music & Giftedness), Smart Art, leadership development, tours of local places of interest such as an alpaca farm and the catacombs under Indianapolis, an an annual summer camp, and so much more.

Mensa membership or an IQ test is not required to attend Family program events. If you feel that your child is intellectually gifted, we would love to see you at our next event!

Youth Members-Only Events

We have special members-only events for Young Mensans (YM’s). Our local group has around 50 YM’s, and growing. There is no charge for YM meetings. If you are a member, feel free to bring a friend. If you’re interested in considering membership, please come as our guest!

We’re working hard to make Mensa membership an amazing experience for our youth at the local level. After all, they are the future leaders of Mensa! At the national level, there are some great reasons to be a YM.

Ready to join Mensa? We have members who range in age from 3 to 105. Certainly, kids can qualify and join. Gifted youth between 14 and 18 can take one of our supervised, standardized tests, and those under 14 can submit evidence of prior testing. It’s very likely that you already have a qualifying test.

Questions? Just ask!